Chapter 1: The Arrival of OMT

You thought it was going to be a quick visit to the small brewery in Belfast Maine on a fine beautiful day. As a humble beer maker yourself you wanted to see where this amazing beer was made, but as you step into the tasting room you are summoned by a mysterious figure known only as OMT, a beer guy with legendary skills and knowledge in the magical art of following the brewmasters instructions. OMT informs you that the Wizard Brewmaster, Roy, has disappeared and might have been kidnapped by an unknown dark force who is trying to take over the Volunteer of the Week Selection Committee, and this is endangering the brewery and its magical recipes. OMT believes that you possess unique abilities and knowledge to undertake this challenging rescue mission AND keep the beer going! 

Morpheus, err sorry, OMT presents you with two hop cones—one red, and one blue. The red hops would enable you to understand what was actually occurring when beer is made and and see the beer making process for what it is and potentially providing valuable clues to why good beer is good, and oh ya, if there’s time, maybe find out what happened to Roy. 

OR there is the BLUE hops that allow you to return to experiencing only that illusion of nice safe beers that are made by others and never to experience the enjoyment, skills and knowledge needed to make great beer. 

Which hop cone will you choose? 

If you select the RED hops, CLICK Here. 

If you go for the Blue hops, CLICK HERE.