Z3 The Blue Hops. Leave the Beer Making to Others.

You confidently choose the blue hops cone presented by OMT. As you touch the blue hops, a wave of magical energy envelops you, and suddenly, you find yourself in an enchanting beer garden illusion. In this realm, all beers are brewed magically, and the art of beer-making is kept as a mystery known only to the magical forces that govern this world.

As you explore this illusionary garden where people from all walks of life gather to enjoy the mystical brews you see laughter and joy, and the flavors of the beers are beyond anything you’ve ever tasted before. You smile, sit down, and taste a beer that is handed to you. It tastes good enough. And that’s good enough for you.

As time passes, you become a regular in this illusionary brewery. You cherish the camaraderie with the locals, the mystical tales shared around the hearth, and the mesmerizing flavors of the beers. Life here feels magical, and the desire to know the secrets of beer-making fades into the a past that never was.

You continue to drink the magical beers without ever unearthing the secrets of their creation or why they taste the way they do. You do not care about the types of hops, the fermentation, or the processes. You’re like the motorcyclist in “Zen and the Art of Motorcycling”, as long as the motor runs, you’re okay. And that’s okay. You can’t learn everything. Your journey as a beer making adventurer ends before it begins, and you become known as the “Keeper of Blissful Ignorance,” a title that brings a smile to your face every time it is spoken.

And so, you live out your days in this illusionary realm, cherishing the basic brews and only sometimes wonder…could I make a beer have more flavor? Could I make this beer? But, no, you enjoy the friendships of other Keepers of Ignorance. Each day you try another beer and embrace the magic that surrounds you, content in the blissful ignorance of the world of craft beers.