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Frosty Bottom Brewing

Members of FBB receive 1 gallon (packaged in 32 or 64 oz growlers) a month of different craft beers. You can choose what you like from the options available. To join contact us at

For 2024, we will be offering a 6-month beer share running from April 1-September 30.  If you are interested in a share for 2024, please let us know by emailing us.  

The cost for a 6-month beer share for 2024 will be $175 for 1-gallon (full share) each month and $87.50 for 1/2-gallon (half share) each month.  Please let us know what size share you would like.  You will receive a confirmation email in December and invoices will go out in early January with a request for payment by February 15th.  

Thanks again for your support…Cheers!