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New Beer Alert: Cowbell is for all you farmers out there.  A Saison by style, we Americans tend to call them Farmhouse Ales.  This is a pale, refreshing, highly attenuated, moderately-bitter Belgian Ale with a very dry finish.  100% of the grain used in this beer comes from Maine farmers.

Scheldt Belgian Pale Ale.  Named after the river that flows from Northern France through Antwerp, Belgium into the North Sea.  We attempted to match the water profile of Antwerp for this beer to make it as true to style as possible.  Historically, this style has roots that go back to the mid-1700’s and is similar to pale ales from England with a different yeast character.  You will find this copper-colored ale moderately malty, somewhat fruity and easy to drink.  92% of the grain used in this beer comes from Maine farmers.  

Dog Island Dark is our Winter Lager from the Munich Region.  A Munich Dunkel by style, this rich and malty dark beer offers bready-toasty flavors with hints of chocolate.  Bonus points for those who know where Dog Island is in Belfast.  90% of the grain in this beer comes from Maine farmers.  

Smokin’ Rope is one of our favorite recipes that has taken on several variations (and names) over the years.  An American Porter by style, this is a robust porter that is brewed with Chaga mushrooms to offer earthy notes and finished off with hint of smoke from Lapsang Souchong tea.  80% of the grain used in this beer comes from Maine farmers.  

Wednesday Night Bike Ride and Pot Luck re-Starting in May. Trail clean-up next Wednesday. Gettin’ Ready for the biking season.

Learn more here and See Images of the Rides here, All levels appreciated

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Located in Belfast, Maine, Frosty Bottom Brewing is a hidden gem for beer enthusiasts seeking a taste of local craftsmanship. Frosty Bottom Brewing is a beacon of hop-filled delight. With its friendly and inviting atmosphere, this brewery is a hub of creativity and camaraderie, where shareholders and friends come together to enjoy handcrafted beers that push the boundaries of flavor. Whether you’re a hophead, a fan of smooth IPAs, or an adventurous taster, Frosty Bottom Brewing offers a diverse selection of brews that are sure to captivate your taste buds. Step into Frosty Bottom Brewing and discover a world of brewing.

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