Bike Rides

Join us Wednesday nights at 5:30 for mountain bike rides with Frosty Bottom Brewing. Throughout the summer and into the fall we will be gathering for a nice ride through the woods and through the blueberry fields. All skill levels are welcome.

We meet at the brewery and depending on the number of people we will go altogether or break up into different groups. The trail meanders through the woods and fields and ends with a climb to the top of the blueberry field for an amazing view of the coast.

After the ride we typically relax with a beer and friends and possibly grill some food to share.

If it’s raining that day, we will still likely get together for cribbage and hanging out,,

If you’re new to the brewery, you can find us at 18 Hunt Road, Belfast Maine.

Here’s some images from the rides. This is from May 10, 2023

Starting at the Brewery, our path leads us up to the Blueberry Hill (AKA Patterson Hill) and through the woods. Approximately, 8 miles of beautiful trails.
Finding Love on top of Blueberry Hill

To support the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA), FBB and Marshall Wharf have collaborated to make two unique beers. A portion of the proceeds will go to NEMBA. The ride occurred on 8/16/2023 at Marshall Wharf and the next Wednesday (8/23) at FBB.

In Frosty Bottom’s realm where cold winds blow,
And Marshall’s Wharf by the waves does glow,
Two brewers stood, Roy and Kevin bold,
Their dreams entwined, a story to be told.

Roy, the Frosty craftsman, ice in his veins,
With recipes unique, his mastery gains,
He brews with a chill, a touch of frost’s art,
Creating beers that warm both body and heart.

Kevin, from Marshall, by the sea’s embrace,
Infuses his brews with ocean’s grace,
Salts and sea breeze, in every pour,
His beers dance like waves upon the shore.

Two minds united, a blend of their skill,
A collaboration, a passion fulfilled,
They conjure concoctions, a magical brew,
A fusion of elements, old and anew.

From Frosty’s crisp touch to Marshall’s sea-kissed note,
A symphony of flavors, a harmonious float,
Hops intertwine with driftwood’s embrace,
As barley and grains find their rightful place.

Beneath the moon’s glow and stars’ gentle wink,
They mix and they stir, their spirits in sync,
Laughter and stories, like bubbles, arise,
As their vision takes shape before eager eyes.

A beer like a blizzard, bold and robust,
An ale that’s sunlit, a symphony of trust,
With each sip, a journey through landscapes untamed,
A masterpiece born of the two brewers’ aim.

Raise up your glasses, let mugs clink and chime,
To Roy and to Kevin, creators of time,
Their beers a reflection of friendship and glee,
In each lovingly crafted sip, their spirits run free.