Z2 The RED Hops Let the Beer Making Begin

OMT shakes your hand. “Welcome, with your help, we can keep making the beer and maybe find Roy. Let the quest begin!” Was that an evil laugh by OMT? You’re not quite sure. 

As you venture further into your quest with OMT, OMT tells you that before delving into the magical aspects of brewing, there is an essential step that lays the foundation for creating the finest mystical brews—the cleansing of brewing equipment.

OMT leads you into Frosty Bottom Brewing Brewery where an array of different brewing equipment awaits. The equipment gleams under the soft glow of enchanted crystals, and the air carries a faint scent of magical herbs and ingredients. It is here that OMT begins to impart his wisdom about the significance of cleanliness in the brewing process.

“Al,” OMT begins, “before the magic can flow through our brews, we must ensure that all our equipment is perfectly clean. It is a ritual, a dance of balance between the mundane and the mystical. The purity of the ingredients and the sanctity of the equipment play a vital role in the creation of extraordinary brews.”

Do you tell OMT that the Equipment is good enough without cleaning?

Do you say, yes, let’s dance err…clean… like the BrewMaster?