Wednesday (9/20) Growler Fills & Bike Ride

Howdy Friends! We will happily fill some or all of your September share tomorrow. Taps are still rotating, this week we start the first of several German Beers coming to help celebrate Oktoberfest. Prost! is our Altbier and many of you may remember this one. It’s definitely one of our favorites…A well-balanced, well-attenuated, bitter yet malty, clean, and smooth, amber-copper colored German Ale that is the traditional style from Dusseldorf. “Alt” refers to the old style of brewing (top-fermenting ales) that was common before bottom-fermenting lagers became popular. So find that lederhosen and let’s celebrate…

Pre-Fill Orders: Send us your requests by 4:00 for pickup in the cooler outside anytime after 5:00.

Drop-in: Feel free to stop in from 7:00-9:00 to have your growlers filled and chat with the brew crew.

We do have Air&b guests so please park to the left as you enter the driveway or on the street…Thanks!

September 20th Beer Options:

Prost! Altbier 5.7%

Catbird Seat Cream Ale 4.8%
Juicebox Hazy IPA 6.5%
Dawn Patrol Coffee Porter 5.7%


BIKE RIDE!!! Wednesday night rides depart the brewery at 5:30. Ride some challenging “old school” mountain bike trails that ride over blueberry hills and climb to the highest point in Belfast “Top of the World”. All riders welcome!!! Bring some food for post-ride grilling and enjoy some FBB suds. Please bring lights as it’s getting darker towards the end of the ride.