It’s all about community and beer! That is why we are really excited to offer y’all an opportunity to get together to celebrate what we have all created here at FBB. Without you we wouldn’t exist and for that, we want to say “thanks” and raise a pint in celebration of another year of good friends and good beer.

This year, we are going to celebrate where it all began…Frost Hill and the home of Sarah Mattox and Aaron Bauman. Sarah and Aaron have a slice of heaven in Swanville and are generously offering their field as the location for the festivities. Directions and information from Sarah and Aaron are below in red.

We will provide:
-1 freshly-roasted pig, pulled and chopped for tacos.
-Corn and Wheat Tacos
-Paper plates, utensils and cups.
-Don’t eat meat? No worries we will have a vegetarian taco option as well (please let us know so we can plan accordingly).
-BEER, of course! &
-LIVE MUSIC!!! One again keeping the music within the FBB Family, the very talented Chris Brinn will be bringing the his band The Napper Tandies to the largest stage in Swanville, along with special guest Stan Farrell of Wizbe Music.

We ask you to provide: fixings for your own tacos, including veggies, sauce and any side dish you want to share. chairs, blankets, etc to sit on.

When: Saturday, October 7th from Noon-3ish

Where: 43 Frost Hill Road, Swanville

Who: All you awesome people.



Directions to 43 Frost Hill Road (which sometimes doesn’t show up in google maps / google earth directions)Yahoo or Bing may be better.

For those wanting step-by-step instructions. From Belfast on Route 1, turn left onto Swan Lake Ave/ME 141 to Swanville(6.5 miles), in Swanville turn left onto Town House Rd/ME 131 just after the gas station(Fabion, on the left), 2.4 miles arrive at intersection with ME 131, Dickie Hill Rd/Monroe Rd, and Frost Hill Road. This intersection is on a very sharp bend in the HWY marked with 3 large black and yellow caution arrows. Frost Hill Rd is marked with a green street sign and is the second right, after Dickie Hill/Monroe Rd.

Frost Hill Rd is a dead end. At second house on right, PLEASE SLOW DOWN to 10 MPH(you are driving through our beloved neighbors yard) and proceed past farm house and barn on right. Follow our 1/2 mile long gravel driveway up the hill and through the powerline clearing and back into the woods. Our home (and the pasture where the pig will be roasted) is all the way at the end. Please pay attention to signs for parking so that everyone can get turned around and park with ease. Within 100′ of our home the drive way will divide in two, please use this area to turn around and look for parking off and along side of the rd you just came in on.

We are a bit off the beaten path on Frost Hill and we hope that you will drive gently for our neighbors who will be experiencing all of our additional traffic for this event.
When parking we will try to mark any stumps or rocks lurking along the road in the taller grass. If possible, try to park diagonally or perpendicular to the road, avoid parking parallel to the road to maximize space.

We are very proud/ honored to share in this event together. The quote: “Be tough, yet gentle, humble, yet bold, swayed always by beauty and truth.” , is posted along the driveway, when you come to truth you have arrived!
Cheers, Aaron Bauman and Sarah Mattox.