2024 Beer Shares

Good morning & Happy New Year!

This email is simply confirming that you have indicated that you would like to have a beer share with Frosty Bottom Brewing this year. As you know, this year is operating a bit differently in that we are only doing beer shares for 6 months, starting on April 1 and running through September 30.

Here’s the timeline for the next few months:

January 15: You will receive an invoice for you beer share (or half share).

February 15: Payment due.

March 1: 1-month reminder for the start of Beer Shares with more detailed information.

April 1: 2024 Beer Shares begin

We will continue to offer 2 days each week (Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings) for you to come to the brewery and get your growlers filled and will will continue to offer pre-fill orders for pickup in the cooler outside. We will also continue to offer a downtown pickup most Saturdays.

Swag!: We have heard the requests for more FBB merchandise. We plan to work with a local vendor to come up with options for t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats (maybe a few other things). We will include this in the March 1 email and will offer you the opportunity to pre-order for a reduced price.

Finally, thanks for supporting our small brewery, we are excited for new friends and new beers in 2024!

Please reach out if you have any questions.