Wednesday Growlers Fills & Bike Ride

Hey there, We have had a busy week…harvesting hops, drying hops and brewing with some fresh hops. Big thanks to our friends Greg and Shawna Desart of Desart Hop Yard in Northport for gifting us a few pounds of fresh Cascade hops which we happily added to the whirlpool hop addition in today’s brew. Also a big thanks to OMT Hop Yard on Muzzy Ridge in Searsmont for another stellar year. #No Farms, No Beer!!!

Tomorrow is September 1…Can you believe it! We will happily get you some of your September share tomorrow night. Please send us your pre-fill requests by 4:00 for pick up anytime after 5 or stop in from 7-9.

September 1 Beer Options:

OMT Midcoast IPA 7.2%
Our Peeps APA 5.3%
Sorachi Kölsch 5.1%
Shortcut NE-IPA 6.0%

We are closing up shop for the holiday weekend and are going to chase Stripers at the mouth of the Kennebec River. As a result, we will not be doing growler fills on Saturday…We will, however, offer pick up orders for Friday so you don’t have to do without for the long weekend. Look for an email on Thursday as a reminder…

Bike Ride!!! Yes, we are still hoping you’ll come out and wonder around the trails with us tomorrow night at 5:30. We’ve been have a lot of fun getting muddy.

Be well and Cheers!